The Project.

The goal of the Positively Knox Project is to spread as much positivity as possible in a fun, creative way.

The idea was born from the two of us, Jamal and Ryan. We are brothers, matched through Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee. Jamal is a senior at Central High School and Ryan just so happens to own a local apparel company, MuleKick Brand.

When we spend time together, we always try to encourage and remind each other to focus on the good in people and stay positive in a world where negativity seems to be the main headline day after day.

As Jamal entered his senior year, we wanted to find a way for him to learn more about business and prepare him for life after high school. It seemed like a natural fit to do an apparel project focused on promoting positivity in the community we love.

**MuleKick Brand will be donating proceeds from the sale of Positively Knox Project apparel to Jamal’s college fund.**

The Shirts.

With each shirt design, we plan to showcase a Knoxville-area landmark “built” by encouraging and uplifting words. Our hope is that others focus on the words that truly build a positive community, and that these local landmarks will serve as a reminder to the power of positivity.

The t-shirts are a super comfy/soft unisex shirt (52/48 combed and ringspun cotton/polyester).

Click here for size chart.

The Brothers.

On August 22, 2012, we met for the first time after being matched together through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. From bowling to the park, to attending athletic events or even just hanging out, we’ve spent a lot of time together over the past six years.

One topic we cover every time we get together is Jamal’s future. He’ll soon be completing his senior year of high school and his immediate plans are to attend college. This is a goal we discuss regularly, including the work and effort it takes to get into college.

During the summer of 2018, we began discussing ways to get Jamal prepared for life after high school, and getting him more involved in Ryan’s business quickly became a top priority. We decided to create a project that Jamal could truly own and that would be fully supported by Ryan’s company, MuleKick Brand.

To assist Jamal on this journey, MuleKick Brand will be donating proceeds from the sale of Positively Knox Project apparel to his own college fund.

The theme and message of the Positively Knox Project is a direct reflection of Jamal’s own personality and the way he treats others, so it’s been a natural fit.

We would like to thank Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee for bringing us together six years ago and supporting us continually every day and also for the impact they make each day on many others just like us in our community!

Our Partners.

And a huge thanks to our partners who have assisted us in getting this project off the ground!

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